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End of an era: the £1 coin does its final round

Posted by Mark Liversidge on

The final batch of round £1 coins intended for circulation have just come off the production line at the Royal Mint, signalling the end of a coin which was first struck in 1983.

 Why is the UK scrapping the current £1 coin?

It is estimated that over 50 million £1 coins in circulation are fake and counterfeits are becoming a closer match, making it extremely difficult to spot the difference. A new 12-sided £1 made from 2 different metals will be issued from 2017 onwards and has been billed to become the most secure circulating coin in the world.

Next year's coin will be the 25th version since the £1 was first issued more than 30 years ago. The design, which features four animals representing each of the UK's four constituent countries, will not be available in general circulation, but is currently available in a Brilliant Uncirculated collector's edition

Own the last 'Round Pound' in Brilliant Uncirculated condition

If you want to get your hands on the UK's last 'round pound' they are available here protectively encapsulated in certified brilliant uncirculated condition.


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