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The coin of the greatest royal love story

Posted by Hannah Meneghini-Relf on

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has broken numerous records throughout her reign; she's the oldest British Queen, the longest-reigning living monarch and holds the Guinness World Record for the most currencies featuring the same individual.

However, of all the incredible milestones Her Majesty reaches and new records she sets, I imagine there is one closer to her heart than any other, especially after the passing of her dear husband in April. In 2017, The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their remarkable 70th wedding anniversary – known as a “Platinum” wedding anniversary.  

First Platinum Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a Platinum Wedding Anniversary is incredibly rare, so rare that Her Majesty and Prince Philip were, in fact, the first British Royal couple to ever reach that incredible milestone.

So you can understand why it also turned out to be one of the biggest collecting events of recent times.

There is one coin released for the occasion that stood out above all the rest; the UK 2017 Platinum Wedding Piedfort £5.

Pinnacle of craftsmanship from The Royal Mint

Importantly, this special Piedfort issue has a single coin edition limit of just 4,000 pieces making it more than three times more limited than the standard Silver Proof £5 coin, which has a single coin edition limit of 15,000. 

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The 'Piedfort' strike of the coin is twice as thick as the standard issue, which means it has been struck on double-thickness blanks - They date back to 13th century France and literally translate to “heavy foot” or, more accurately, “heavyweight”. They were usually given as prestigious gifts to symbolise power and wealth.

However it was only in 1982 that The Royal Mint returned to this tradition, now striking a tiny fraction of UK commemorative coins as Piedfort issues each year.

With significant edition limit reductions in comparison to their counterpart Proof issues, Piedfort coins are an obvious choice for serious collectors.

A Favourite Pastime

The reverse design features John Bergdahl’s depiction of the royal couple at Trooping the Colour. The royal couple shared a love of horses, so it was only fitting that the coin depict the Queen riding her favourite horse ‘Burmese’ with her husband Prince Philip by her side.

The Last Effigy

However, one of the main reasons this coin stands out as a must-have is because of the obverse design. The coin’s obverse features a scarcely seen double portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip. It was the first double portrait on a UK coin for 10 years and there hasn’t been one since.

As important as it was at the time, it now has an even greater significance as this is the last effigy of Prince Philip and the Queen together. 

If you're interested... 

You now have the opportunity to own the UK 2017 Platinum Wedding Piedfort £5.

Considering the strong sell-out records of Piedforts and the significance of this once in a lifetime coin it's remarkable we have any in stock. I must urge you to act quickly if you want one for your collection. Secure yours here >>

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