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Blog — Crown coin

Prince George's fifth birthday marked with unprecedented new UK coin

Posted by Robin Parkes on

Not only is Prince George very lucky, he has created an unexpected collecting opportunity which may well not be repeated until 2054.

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The history of Her Majesty’s Jubilee crown coins

Posted by Mark Liversidge on

This year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Sapphire Jubilee – the first ever British monarch in history to do so. To mark the occasion, a brand new British Isles £5 Proof coin has been issued. In light of its release, I thought I’d take a look back at the history and timeless designs of previous British Jubilee commemorative coins issued during the Queen’s reign… 1953 The Coronation UK Crown The 1953 crown was issued to celebrate Her Majesty’s Coronation and was the very first UK commemorative coin to be issued during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Unusually, the obverse portrait features an engraving...

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