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Prince George's fifth birthday marked with unprecedented new UK coin

Posted by Robin Parkes on

On Sunday 22nd July His Royal Highness, Prince George, celebrated his fifth birthday.

The British public and people from all over the world have watched fascinated as the young Prince George has grown from baby to boy; enamoured by photos of his first steps, his first day at nursery and when he started primary school.

And the world's Mints have taken notice too. Britain's Royal Mint has issued a brand new coin for the occasion which is extremely collectable.

The new Prince George 5th Birthday UK Coin


In fact, The Royal Mint has NEVER issued a coin for a fifth birthday before, which makes this issue unprecedented

Prince William had to wait 36 years before a UK coin was struck in his honour, for his wedding.

And Prince Charles had to wait even longer. He didn't get a UK coin issue until his 50th birthday!

So not only is Prince George very lucky, he has created an unexpected collecting opportunity which may well not be repeated until 2054.

Unprecedented coin, evocative design

The new coin is available in a number of specifications - Certified Brilliant Uncirculated, in a collector pack, and as a stunning Silver Proof edition.

The design is a reinterpretation of the classic St. George and the Dragon engraving, so famous from the gold sovereign and a staple on British coinage since the early 19th century.

The Silver Proof edition in its Presentation Case
with Certificate of Authenticity.


Only 7,000 of the Silver Proof editions will be made available worldwide. This is already a low edition limit for a Royal coin like this. But when you consider the unprecedented nature of the release, plus the fact it might not be repeated for many, many years - the edition limit seems tiny.

So it seems many collectors could well end up missing out on this coin - but the lucky few who manage to secure it will no doubt be thankful for getting in early whilst they still could! 

If you're interested...

The Westminster Collection has the full range of UK coins available, plus a beautifully designed birthday silver coin from Jersey. Click here to see them all >>>

The Certified Brilliant Uncirculated
Prince George 5th Birthday £5 Coin

The Royal Mint BU Pack

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  • Does the Prince George´s coin come in a presentation case?


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