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Beautiful Coin

I love my coin and the display box it came with. It is an awesome addition to my WW2 collection.

Unique coin

interesting coin to add to my collection.
Reasonable price.
Great service. Would recommend this coin and company.

Outstanding Design

Love the way they caught the action

One of a kind !

I love these coins they are nicely packaged safely from the environment, well designed and minted. Will have them forever !


This is a lovely item, clearly displaying the coins and note on both sides while providing some brief but helpful bits of history on each piece. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys collecting colorful and historically significant coin sets.

Last Round Pound

Coins arrived in the Antipodes in good time. Fine quality product. Could be improved by supplying coin in plastic coin container. Minor criticism only. Good company to deal with, I've never had an issue and I buy frequently.

I love it!

This is a beautiful collection. I was born in England, and this is a very special keepsake for me as I remember the country where I was born.

So beautiful...

So beautiful ...

12 sided 1 Pound coin

Good design

1 pound collector note

loved it and will continue to buy more coins . The packaging was great and the presentation also was well pleasing to the eye

Princess Diana Coin

I am over the moon with my Princess Diana Coin I will be buying more ....I am so happy I was able to get one

Queens 90th

nice coin and fast delivery thanks

1 Pound Collectors Pack

Very nice. Set up great. Thanks.

The 2017 Sapphire Jubilee Blue Titanium Coin
Saphire Jubilee coin

Very nice and unique coin

The 2017 Sapphire Jubilee Blue Titanium Coin
Amazing colour

this is a wonderful coln the colour is great pleased to own one

Queen’s Beasts UK Double Coin Cover

Excellent 2 coin set along with 4 lovely stamps. Packaging & shipping was outstanding, wrapped & boxed professionally. Thank you Westminster Coin...


I was very happy to receive the one pound coin

1 Pound Collector's Pack

A very nice collection. Very pleased with my purchase.

The 2017 Sapphire Jubilee Blue Titanium Coin

Very pleased with my purchase.

Attractive display

I'm happy with the way it is packaged and displayed.

Last Pound Coin

Very pleased with the pound coin it is a present for my husband in Australia who is English - I ca't wait to give it to him.

Egyption Coins

The coins arrive in good condition and I was very please with them.


Nice piece, was a great addition to my collection

Ancient Egypt. Cook Island coins

A beautifully presented set of coins. The wooden display case enhances this 24 Carat Gold Plated set. The workmanship is very high as one would expect when purchasing a premium limited number collection. Needless to say I am very happy with these coins.

One Pound Collecting Pack

Very pleased with the pack, containing three statements of history at once!

A must have!

A must have collector's piece for both stamp and coin collectors!

Collectors coin

This truly is a great piece for any coin collection.

1 pound collectors pack

Very Happy with my purchases from Westminster. They are as they say and Look quite good. Thank You Westminster.

Great set of coins

Very happy with the shipping and quality of the coins and paper money sets sent to me.. thank you

A piece of history

Happy to have received this small piece of British history. Delivery was prompt even though I am from Singapore.

Great collection addition

Excellent present for a St Paul's lover. Great collection piece that will be treasured

Great Set

Looks absolutely stunning and will be the perfect gift for the coin collector in our family.

1953 Coronation Crown Coin

Lovely coin, great addition to my collection.. thank you Westminster for excellent packing & safe shipment..

Last pound

Shipping was fast and it's sad to see it go but I've always loved the design

1953 Coronation Crown

The coin was great but the box it came in was poor compared to what we get our coins in from the Perth Mint and the RAMint.

splendid! wow!

this was a wonderful gift for my dad and my sister, those persons , you never know what gift to offer to, because they have everything; this beautiful gift, they appreciated very much. Looking for buying another one for my uncle. un cadeau magnifique, pour ces personnes qui ont tout; cette pièce a été appréciée par mon père et ma sœur, la prochaine sera pour mon oncle. la mienne, je la garde pour moi. Questa bellissima moneta è un regalo splendido per una persona a cui non si sà più cosa offrire; il mio papà e la mia sorella sono lietissimi di questo regalo. Grazie infinite, Thank you very much, from Canada

Love of Foreign Coin & Paper Money

I really like owning this amazing 1 pound note, plus the original hard coin and the new 11 sided 1 pound coin, I'll be presenting it at the show and tell of our NUMISMATIC Club Monthly meeting on the 18 Sep 2017.

Very good quality

The quality is very good and love it very much!

angel diana

It is beautiful. Well worth buying.
wish i could afford more xx

2016 British Pound

Beautiful design, that will be remembered and embraced!


I love the box and display packaging of this beautiful coin. A definite pleasure to own.

UK 2016 Certified BU Queen's 90th Birthday £5
Wonderful coin, beautiful design.

Wonderful coin, beautiful design. The finishing is a little disappointing.

to expensive

i very happy with the product , my purchase order stated 30 4 the product and 10 4 shipping i thought was fair but then i get my bank statement and it was over 64 dollars .ill have to rethink my next order


I love my set.


This coin is absolute elegance. The workmanship is superb. The details are extremely sharp. The image of Diana is very beautiful. I am very impressed with it.

Last Round pound

The Westministerinternationalshop.com is a 5-Star Intl' seller of fine .999 Silver coins. This particular coin,will be become rare,soon,so I wanted it for my personal collection! Friendly website,fair prices,excellent customer service,I highly recommend! A+++++

New collecter of coins

I had a few order at the time I stayed in London, as gifts for my friends and relatives. Prices are reasonable and collection of goods were good. Will try to keep my interest.

2017 British Pound

Exquisite detail and design characteristics to prevent counterfeiting. The beautifully depicted reverse coin designed by a child of England pays a beautifil tribute to the British Isle's past, present, and future! A beautiful masterpiece of cutting edge technology in currency production that is to be cherished!