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Just released: The Masterpiece Poppy Coin that’s almost TWICE AS LIMITED as last year’s issue…

Posted by Mark Liversidge on

Last year an important milestone was reached; over £500,000 was raised, through sales of Poppy coins, for The Royal British Legion. To mark this incredible milestone, 450 very special Masterpiece Poppy Coins were released.

This year, collectors of the annual poppy coins, have helped raise that total to an incredible £700,000 for The Royal British Legion to provide lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families.

To mark this new milestone, and the start of The Royal British Legion’s 2017 Poppy Appeal, a 2017 Masterpiece Poppy has been authorised which is even more limited than last year’s issue.

With a strict edition limit of just 250 pieces this makes the 2017 Masterpiece Coin almost twice as limited as the 2016 Masterpiece issue.

And it is called a masterpiece for a reason. Using cutting edge minting techniques and specialist craftsmanship, the instantly recognisable red Poppy veritably bursts to life from the face of the coin.

As well as the stunning enamel, the 2017 Masterpiece Poppy Coin also has an incredible ultra-high relief, standing over 1.6mm tall. This type of relief can usually only be achieved through relatively unsophisticated casting methods. But this is NOT a cast piece.

It is a fully struck proof coin – and benefits from all the detail, mirroring and frosting that you expect from a commemorative proof coin.

Each coin starts life as a ‘blank’ – a highly polished solid silver disc. Next, the design is struck onto the coin up to 5 times using massive pressure and incredible skill. In fact, the coin is so difficult to produce many dies were broken in the process, but the resulting effect is definitely worth it.

Finally, the coloured enamel is applied to give the coin its famous red Poppy – a perfect fit for a coin officially issued in support of The Royal British Legion.

Each coin is heated to a precise temperature while the enamel colour is prepared. The enamel is applied expertly by hand and heated in between each application to ensure a smooth finish. The end result is astonishing and defines the essence of the Masterpiece.

Available now – with a donation to the Legion…

The 2017 Masterpiece 5oz Silver Proof Poppy Coin is available to own right now from The Westminster Collection, although they are expected to sell out quickly as they are almost twice as limited as last year’s issue.

To further support the work of The Royal British Legion, The Westminster Collection have organised for a donation of £49.50 from the sale of each coin to go directly to the charity, helping them to continue to provide financial, social and emotional support to all who have served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their families.

If you’re interested…

You can add The 2017 Masterpiece 5oz Silver Proof Poppy Coin to your collection today – click here for details.

A donation of £49.80 from the sale of each coin will go directly to The Royal British Legion.

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