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UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Very nice set proof finish is perfect ! 👍

    Timothy Love
    Beautiful but one major problem

    Received the proof set and it was beautiful. There were two cases with coins in each. One of the cases with five coins was not fully closed and some of the coins had shifted from their spots. With gloves on, I put them back in their place and reclosed the case. Not sure but it may have a value impact. Didn’t take a photo and not claiming anything, just noting the issue.

    Alexander Medvinsky
    Excellent set

    The 2021 coins collection is made and organized very professionally to meet collectors requirements

UK 2021 UK Annual Proof Coin Set

  • £155.00

Secure the BRAND NEW UK 2021 coins in Proof quality

The brand new UK commemorative coins for 2021 have just been announced, including eight definitive coins and five new commemorative issues for 2021. And today you have the chance to secure them in superior Proof quality.

Five BRAND NEW UK 2021 commemorative coins

The five commemorative coins, marking significant anniversaries, included are as follows:

  • The Queen’s 95th Birthday £5 – marking Her Majesty the Queen’s 95th birthday which she’ll celebrate on 21st April 2021.
  • Sir Walter Scott £2 – celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth and his literary legacy.
  • H. G. Wells £2 – commemorating the life and works of the renowned sci-fi author in the 75th anniversary of his passing.
  • John Logie Baird 50p – marking the 75th anniversary of his passing as well as his ground-breaking contributions to science.
  • Decimal Day 50p – a tribute to the greatest biggest change in British currency in over 1,000 years that took place 50 years ago. Importantly, this coin also features the Machin obverse which was designed specially for the first decimal coins – the only coin in the set to do so! 

The five new commemorative coins are accompanied by the eight definitive coins from the 1p to the £2, all newly dated for 2021. Finally, each set is completed by The Royal Mint Medal, only available in collector proof sets.

It’s the superior Proof finish that collectors look for

Whilst millions of coins will be issued for circulation this year, The Royal Mint has selected just 7,000 to be struck in superior Proof quality in this limited presentation.

Proof coins are individually struck with the punch hitting the blank several times to create the perfect, flawless “Proof” finish, and also create maximum contrast between the frosted design and perfect mirror-like background of the coin.

It’s this superior quality that makes Proof coins more sought after amongst serious numismatic collectors.

JUST 7,000 available – ACT NOW to secure yours

If you want to secure these BRAND NEW 2021 coins in Proof quality, you’ll need to be quick. That’s because JUST 7,000 sets have been authorised for release worldwide – surely nowhere near enough to satisfy collector demand.

Especially when you consider that Annual Proof Sets with far higher edition limits of 15,000 have COMPLETELY SOLD OUT at the mint – more than double the edition limit of the new 2021 set.

The good news is you can secure your set today for The Royal Mint’s official issue price.

Click ‘Add to cart’ to order your 2021 UK Proof Coin Set now.


  • Year of Issue: 2021

  • Country of Issue: UK

  • Coin Weight: Various

  • Coin Diameter: Various

  • Obverse: Jody Clark, Arnold Machin

  • Reverse: Various

  • Metal: Various Base Metal

  • Finish: Proof

  • Edition Limit: 7,000

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