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The 2017 £1 Collecting Pack

Own the UNCIRCULATED UK £1 Collecting Pack today for just £30 (+p&p)

Upgrade your order to the Uncirculated UK £1 Collecting Pack and In addition to the Last Round Pound you will receive both its predecessor and its successor:

  • A mint condition original UK £1 banknote

The £1 banknote was first issued in 1797 and existed right up until 1988. Yours is one of the last editions, preserved in its perfect, uncirculated condition. 

  • The UK's brand new 12-sided £1 coin

The UK's revolutionary new 12-sided £1 coin is billed as the most secure in the world and this year's historic first issue is included in immaculate Brilliant Uncirculated condition. 

To secure your Uncirculated £1 Collecting Pack for just £30 (+p&p) simply choose UPGRADE below

Approx. Size: 150mm x 170mm
£1 Banknote
Size: 135mm x 67mm
Year: 1978-1988
2016 Last Round £1
Metal: Nickel-brass
Weight: 9.50g
Diameter: 22.50mm
2017 Nations of the Crown £1

Metal: Inner: Nickel-Plated Nickel-Brass, Outer: Nickel-Brass
Weight: 8.75g
Diameter: 23.43mm

Please note the maximum order quantities as follows:
The Certified BU Last Round Pound: 3 per household
The Uncirculated £1 Collecting Pack: 10 per household