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UK 2020 Snowman Silver Proof 50p Coin
  • UK 2020 Snowman Silver Proof 50p Coin
  • UK 2020 Snowman Silver Proof 50p Coin
  • UK 2020 Snowman Silver Proof 50p Coin
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    This is a review of the Snowman Silver Proof 2020 UK Coin

    The first coin, which was nice was produced in 2018, the next was 2019 another good design, and this is the 3rd in the series probably the best design yet!
    All in all this is a lovely coin, and one which rightly sold out at the mint. I would recommend this coin, and it will see it's value rise although it is a keeper for the long term. It is the best one yet in terms of design - simple, meaningful in the present climate, and the colour toning is good.
    It is a Limited Edition Presentation (LEP) of 7,000 and the Royal Mint did state it was the lowest ever mintage. Original Price was £67.50 priced the same as the others.
    It comes in a cardboard sleeve with the Royal Mint logo on the front; a coloured image showing the Snowman, and James hugging, and at the bottom you see the of the Snowman Enterprises Logo, All the usually information is written on the back of the sleeve. Take off the sleeve, and you have a white box with "the SnowmanTM" written in black on the front. You won't notice from any pictures but the box has a sparkle to it which you will see in different lights which some people will find a pretty addition.
    When you open the box, the first item you see is the coin; placed in a clear Perspex box; you see the reverse of the coin in colour in the middle. Turn the box over, and you can see the back of the coin. The box is not sealed so you can lift the top off, and remove the coin to take a closer look. The coin is in a capsule, and the first side you see is the reverse showing a coloured image of the Snowman hugging James by Robin Shaw. Turn it over and you have the obverse by Jody Clark, showing the image of the queen in middle. Around the edge is written "ELIZABETH II D.G. REG. F.G . 50 PENCE .2020 . "
    Underneath you will find a booklet which tells the story - FIRST PAGE "A Magical Adventure."; SECOND PAGE "Together at Christmas"; THIRD PAGE "A Global Phenomenon"; FOURTH PAGE "A Timeless Classic"; FIFTH PAGE talks about Raymond Briggs; and the SIXTH PAGE talks about the designer Robin Shaw. The book contains lovely coloured illustrations, and is made of good quality paper.
    You also get the certificate of authentication - a booklet of stiff card showing at the top - the Royal Mint Logo with the words "Royal Mint Original Maker", in the middle - the Snowman enterprises Logo with the words "2020 Snowman Silver Proof Coin" and then you also have a number e.g 3258 which tells you what number coin you own from a mintage of 7,000 coins. Open the booklet up, and on the left you see the full specification sheet of the coin - DENOMINATION - 50p, ISSUING AUTHORITY - UK,
    WEIGHT - 8 grams,
    DIAMETER - 27.30 millimetres,
    *MINIMUM COIN MINAGE - 7,000 "LIMITED EDITION PRESENTATION 7,000, and more information on the right hand side of the booklet. On the back you have the roman hologram and words "The Royal Mint".
    All in all a nice addition to anyone's collection. The design follows on from the other designs too but could be bought as a stand alone coin. Price - some might see as a little steep considering the financial situation we all find ourselves in. Toning of the coin is excellent on mine. I have not seen any toning errors as was found on the 2019 coins either. If you missed out on buying this one I would recommend you reconsider. I love it!

UK 2020 Snowman Silver Proof 50p Coin

  • £95.00

Strictly limited edition: BRAND NEW Snowman™ Silver Proof 50p

Expertly struck from .925 silver to a perfect proof finish, this year’s Snowman 50p features a heart-warming colour printed image that’s been designed by award-winning illustrator Robin Shaw.

This coin has now completely SOLD OUT at The Royal Mint! We have managed to secure a limited number for collectors who have missed out, but with so few available you’re going to have to act quicker than ever before to secure one

Edition Limit Slashed

Significantly, JUST 7,000 Snowman Silver Proof 50ps have been issued worldwide.

Compared to the 15,000 edition limit of the first, record-breaking sell-out Snowman Silver 50p, this is a huge CUT.

This means that demand will be at an all-time high. There will be 15,000 Snowman Silver 50p collectors desperate to continue their collections, but the lower edition limit means that many WILL miss out.

SOLD OUT at The Royal Mint

I’m will come as no surprise that this issue has proven so popular that it's completely SOLD OUT at the Mint!

Consistent Silver Proof 50p sell-outs mean it’s very difficult for collectors to back-fill gaps in their collections. It’s imperative for collectors to secure these issues when they have the chance to – waiting could be costly to the completeness of your collection.

Few available - ACT NOW

Luckily we've managed to secure a limited number, to give collectors who have missed out on this sold out issue the chance to own it. But due to its sell-out status this is likely to be your last chance to secure it - as there's no guarantee we'll be able to get more. 

But remember, with the edition limit at an all-time low, demand will be high. Make sure you avoid disappointment by ordering yours now.

Time is of the essence, click ‘Add to cart’ now to secure yours – tomorrow could be too late.


  • Country of Issue: UK
  • Year of Issue: 2020
  • Coin Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Coin Weight: 8g
  • Obverse: Jody Clark
  • Reverse: Robin Shaw
  • Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Edition limit: 7,000

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