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The Queen Victoria '200' Silver Coin Collection

The Queen Victoria '200' Silver Coin Collection

  • £495.00

The Queen Victoria COMPLETE Silver Coin Collection

Today you have the chance to own an incredible collection containing EIGHT of the most important coins issued during the reign of Queen Victoria.

EIGHT fascinating issues

This collection contains EVERY Silver coin denomination issued during the reign of Queen Victoria for general circulation in Britain. That’s EIGHT original Victorian Silver coins, including the following...

The Groat – this coin was introduced as a convenient coin for paying cab fares, but was soon withdrawn after taxi drivers started complaining that customers previously would pay a sixpence and not demand the change!

The Double Florin - This coin was similar to the higher value Crown coin, and as a result crafty patrons began to fool bar staff into accepting the Double Florin as a Crown. It wasn’t long before the Double Florin picked up the now infamous nickname of ‘the Barmaid’s Ruin’.

And who could forget about the famous old Silver Sixpence?! The Silver Sixpence is surely one of the most sorely missed pre-decimal coins – famous for being popped into Christmas puddings and the shoes of brides for good luck. It was the Victorian era that gave birth to these famous traditions.

The Queen Victoria Complete Silver Collection

But consider that all of these coins are well over 100 years old and that a huge number of coins have been melted down over the years for their silver content. They all have fascinating stories behind them, but significantly for collectors they are also amongst the scarcest and most highly sought after coins in British numismatic history.

We’ve brought together a limited number of these fascinating collections and you can secure yours today, but with only a limited number available you’ll need to be quick!

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  • Coins included: Crown, Double Florin, Half Crown, Florin, 1/-, 6d, 4d, and 3d
  • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of Issue: 1837-1901
  • Coin Diameter: various
  • Coin Weight: various
  • 0bverse: Queen Victoria
  • Reverse: various
  • Metal: various
  • Finish: circulated
  • Set edition limit: n/a

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