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The first Jody Clark effigy Britannias - The Westminster Collection International

The first Jody Clark effigy Britannias

  • £125.00

The Royal Mint have just released the brand new 2016 1oz Silver Bullion Britannia Coin- the first of its kind to feature the new Jody Clark portrait of Her Majesty alongside Philip Nathan’s portrait of Britannia.

Now you can own this important issue along with a Limited Edition 1oz Silver Proof version of Britannia.

A Limited Edition issue is released towards the end of the year and it has a different portrait of Britannia each year – by Antony Dufort in the case of the 2015 coin.

Because the 2015 Limited Edition Proof Coin was released after the new Queen’s portrait, it features the Jody Clark portrait, which is the FIRST TIME this portrait has been struck on a UK 1oz Silver Britannia.

Now you can own both 1oz Silver Britannias – the first bullion coin and the first Limited Edition Proof Coin to feature the new Queen’s effigy.

Limited Edition Proof Coins are the very highest quality and most collectible issues available.

The finish is remarkable compared to a standard coin, taking precision craftsmanship and centuries of minting skill. Combined with their low edition limits, it ensures Proof Coins command significantly higher prices than standard bullion coins.

The Proof 1oz Silver Britannia has been independently graded and certified the world’s leading coin graders - NGC - as the highest possible Proof Quality – “PF70”. It is also guaranteed as being amongst the first 1,250 coins to be struck by the Royal Mint.

There is only enough stock for 250 Britannia Pairs

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  • 2015 Silver Proof Britannia PF70:
  • Year of Issue: 2015
  • Diameter: 38.61m
  • Weight: 31.21g
  • Metal: 999/1000 Silver
  • Finish: Proof
  • Obverse: QEII by Jody Clark
  • Reverse: Nautical Britannia by Antony Dufort
  • Country of Issue: UK


  • 2016 Silver Bullion Britannia:
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Diameter: 38.61mm
  • Weight: 31.21g
  • Metal: 999/1000 Silver
  • Finish: Uncirculated
  • Obverse: QEII by Jody Clark
  • Reverse: Standing Liberty by Philip Nathan
  • Country of Issue: UK

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