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The Dark Side of the Moon : Signature Edition

The Dark Side of the Moon : Signature Edition

  • £150.00

A unique Pink Floyd tribute - signed by the man behind the most iconic album cover ever

Pink Floyd’s masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon is often hailed as one of the greatest rock albums ever produced. Even if you haven’t listened to the album, you will recognise the album cover - it is one of the most famous pieces of art in music history.

And today you can be one of just 495 collectors in the world to own a framed edition of this timeless record signed by the album’s original artist.

The Dark Side of the Moon : Signature Edition includes a remastered copy of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon on heavyweight 180g vinyl and has been personally signed by George Hardie, who produced the iconic original artwork for the album in 1973.

Find out more about the inspiration behind the artwork in our blog post: Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon: The story behind the design

Your vinyl has been mounted alongside Royal Mail’s much acclaimed The Dark Side of the Moon stamp and has been professionally framed and ready to hang in your home.

The stamp and vinyl paired together form a stunning wall display in their own right, but a limited edition of just 495 copies signed by the original album artist makes this a truly unique and unmissable collecting opportunity for any Floyd fan.

What's more, your frame will arrive complete with the 2 posters and 2 stickers also designed by George Hardie which were originally included with the vinyl. 

Please note: The Dark Side of the Moon : Signature Edition will be issued on a strictly first-come first-served basis, so please do not delay your order.

About your frame

Your frame has been handcrafted by a master framer with over 30 years' experience. For the glaze, we use premium acrylic rather than glass due to its lighter weight, strength and level of clarity. Your frame will arrive complete with a protective plastic film for the acrylic which can be peeled off prior to hanging.

  • Frame Size: A2 (684mm x 468mm)
  • Stamp: GB 2016 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon stamp - 1st class
  • Vinyl: Stereo Remastered copy of The Dark Side of the Moon on 180g vinyl
  • Edition limit: 495
  • Certificate of Authenticity included

Estimated shipping date: 28th February

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