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The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
  • The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin
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    good quality of the product,
    very satisfied.

    The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz

    Great limited edition to any collection, minted only 300 beautifully made and stored. A really beautiful piece.

    The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin

    This coin is a big part of collection. It is high quality and well presented. Very happy with my purchase!

The 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Silver 5oz Coin

  • £550.00

The Remarkable 2019 Masterpiece Mother of Pearl Silver 5oz Poppy Coin - JUST 10 AVAILABLE

To mark the anniversary of Remembrance Day, you have the chance to become one of just a handful of collectors to own the 2019 Masterpiece Poppy Coin released in support of The Royal British Legion. 

The coin is called the “Masterpiece Poppy Coin”, but let me explain why it is worthy of this title.

It features such sophisticated and advanced craftsmanship that the minting technique remains a closely guarded secret.

Mother of Pearl

A single stylised Royal British Legion poppy, created from Mother of Pearl, proudly sits on top of this coin. Not only is it beautiful but also highly collectable.

Mother of Pearl, or nacre to give it its proper name, makes up the outer coating of pearls. It’s strong, resilient and iridescent. And due to its nature it means that each Poppy crafted from it is completely unique.

The Mother of Pearl on your Masterpiece Poppy coin has been expertly coloured to create a stunning shimmery red finish – a finish that requires immense craftsmanship.

Stunning 3-dimensional effect

This year’s Masterpiece coin has been struck in 5oz of fine 999/1000 silver to a flawless Proof finish. Proof coins have the highest grade of finish found on coins. They’re produced using a specially prepared die and struck several times to ensure enhanced definition. Multiple smaller poppies have then been engraved onto its surface, resulting in a stunning 3-dimensional effect.

This is NOT a cast piece. It is a fully struck proof coin, which means it has all of the detail, mirroring and frosting that you expect from a commemorative proof coin but with the relief of a casting. With the hugely impressive weight of 5oz you’ll also be able to both see and feel the quality of this coin in your hand.

In short, the 2019 Masterpiece Silver 5oz Poppy Coin is one of the finest and most stunning pieces of minting that I have ever seen.

Strictly limited to JUST 300 worldwide

Due to the highly demanding production processes involved, JUST 300 2019 Masterpiece Silver 5oz Poppy Coins will ever be struck. Many of these have already been secured. This means many collectors will sadly miss out. 

If you want to be one the 300 people ever to own this historic Masterpiece Poppy Coin, created from genuine Mother of Pearl, I urge you to click the 'Add to basket' button now.


  • Country of Issue: Jersey
  • Year of Issue: 2019
  • Coin Diameter: 65mm
  • Coin Weight: 155.53g
  • Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
  • Reverse: Poppies
  • Metal: 999/1000 Silver with Mother of Pearl
  • Finish: Proof
  • Edition limit: 300
  • £55.00 from the sale of this product will be paid to The Royal British Legion Ltd, which gives its taxable profits to The Royal British Legion Ltd, (charity no. 219279) or Poppyscotland (Scottish charity SC014096). Your donation will be given to either charity depending on where the product was purchased.

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