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2013 UK Coronation Jubilee Executive Proof Set

2013 UK Coronation Jubilee Executive Proof Set

  • £195.00

Own Britain’s 2013 Coins in Proof Condition

Your set contains nine coins in total – the Official UK Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin in Sterling Silver, alongside all eight of the definitive coins in their original circulating metals. But of course they are incomparable to the coins you find in your change, as all of the coins are Proof.

Proof coins are often considered the collector’s favourite – their mirrored surface and frosted relief show off the designs in the best possible way. They are struck up to four times with specially polished dies to achieve this effect – and The Royal Mint’s reputation for quality is unmatched. A thousand years of heritage are testament to their minting expertise.

The Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin – the centrepiece of your set - really benefits from the extra effort put into its production. The design by Emma Noble depicts The Imperial State Crown, worn by Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation 60 years ago. The realism of the design is particularly difficult to achieve on the relatively small surface of a coin, and the quality of the striking marks this out as a coin that will become symbolic of its era.

Millions of people around the UK (and in fact the world) will want to commemorate another fantastic milestone in our Queen’s long and eventful reign. And there’s no better way than with a set of coins bearing her effigy and dated 2013. That’s why we believe that the edition limit of 2,013 sets might not be enough to satisfy demand.

Your set will arrive complete in a Deluxe Presentation Case from The Royal Mint, ideal to preserve the Proof finish of your coins if looked after correctly. It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, testifying to the silver content of the £5 coin and the edition limit of your set.

In years to come your set is sure to be treated as one of the most prestigious tributes to Queen Elizabeth II, and will be perfect to keep in the family for future generations to cherish and enjoy.


  • Finish: Proof, Obverse: All portraits of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadl
  • £5: Sterling Silver, Diameter: 38.61mm, Weight: 28.28g
  • £2: Bi-metallic, Diameter: 28.40m, Weight: 12g
  • £1: Nickel Brass, Diameter: 22.50mm, Weight: 9.5g
  • 50p: CuproNickel, Diameter: 27.30mm, Weight: 8g
  • 20p: CuproNickel, Diameter: 21.40mm, Weight: 5g
  • 10p: Nickel Plated Steel, Diameter: 24.50mm, Weight: 6.5g
  • 5p: Nickel Plated Steel, Diameter: 18.00mm, Weight: 3.25g
  • 2p: Copper Plated Steel, Diameter: 25.91mm, Weight: 7.12g
  • 1p: Copper Plated Steel, Diameter: 20.32mm, Weight: 3.56g

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