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1887-1890 Queen Victoria Double Florin - The Westminster Collection International

1887-1890 Queen Victoria Double Florin

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The notorious Queen Victoria Double Florin - 'The Barmaid's Ruin'

The Queen Victoria Double Florin was for many an unwanted addition to British currency, costing some people a lot more than others.

“The Barmaids Ruin”

Its similarity to the more familiar Crown was striking - it was just 2mm smaller in diameter, both coins featured an identical portrait of Queen Victoria. Yet the double florin was worth a shilling less.

This led to a significant number of unscrupulous rogues trying to pass the coin off as a Crown. It was barmaids who were the most susceptible to the confusion between the two, which often cost them their livelihood as a result, giving the coin its ‘Barmaids Ruin’ nickname.

It was also one of the shortest-lived British coin denominations – only being produced during four mint years between 1887 and 1890. Despite the reason for its introduction being disputed, it became Britain’s second ‘decimal’ coin.

With such a fascinating story and sense of history behind the Victoria Double Florin coin, it is no wonder that the Double Florin is such a highly-regarded British coin.

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  • Dates of issue: 1887 - 1890
  • Metal: .925 Fine Silver
  • Weight: 22.62g
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Obverse: Queen Victoria Jubilee Head by Leonard Charles Wyon
  • Reverse: Design by Leonard Charles Wyon

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