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1840 Penny Black

1840 Penny Black

  • £99.00

The Historic 1840 Penny Black

Of all the postage stamps ever issued, there is a stamp that every knowledgeable collector recognises as the cornerstone of philately. The World's First Postage Stamp - Great Britain's Penny Black. 

However, in recent years the growing Chinese stamp market has been absorbing historic British stamps by the thousands into private collections. 

And as the Penny Black becomes increasingly scarcer, it is becoming more sought-after and collectible

And now you can own a regular used example of the historic 1840 Penny Black, for JUST £99 (+p&p) - £251 less than the fine used Stanley Gibbons catalogue price. 

The world's first postage stamp, the 1840 Penny Black is the cornerstone of every stamp collection. Available today for £251 below the fine used catalogue price, this is an opportunity not to be missed. 


  • Year of Issue: 1840
  • Country of Issue: Great Britain
  • Value: 1d Black

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